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"You don't need to be Alarmed... Simpleminders will protect you"

Is my home safe when we are away??
Is my "Holiday Home" safe when vacant??
Is my business safe during my absence??
Is my ageing mother secure on her own??
Is my baby safe??

Simple Minders offers you the latest IP (Internet Protocol) Technology -
the most effective & economical option to ensure your security.

We pride ourselves our ongoing research & development, both at the factory and our head office in Auckland, New Zealand.

Simple Minders gives you  peace of mind knowing that you have one of the most powerful home security systems protecting you. You take control, check your home / business from any computer online in the world. Record / Photograph activity in "real time" and have evidence for police enquiries.

Cameras start from only $195

Dealer / Installer enquiries welcome

Customised Commercial options available

Key benefits are:

# Deterrent:
Any persons entering your property will notice the camera in place and choose somewhere else to cause mischief.
You will have the option of warning labels to let people know that you are watching them.
Deterring intruders in the first instance will prevent "Home Invasion" and its dangerous consequences.

# Records:
The subject is immediately photographed and the image is sent via email ,SMS / TXT (3G) to you, or stored on our Web Servers - this means that evidence is now located externally, not on your computer. Real time surveillance is also available from any computer online, or direct to your 3G cell phone.
You will have a high quality image for Police or for legal requirements. The images have the date & time annotated on every photograph.

# Access:
Check & manage your images via internet from any computer online.

# Ease of Use:
We can install it for you as part of the package.
You do not even have to leave your computer on - just your modem.
We are, "Simple Minders"

# Peace of Mind:
Deter criminals & capture images of people coming to your home.
Who is coming to your home when you are away.
Was there a party?? - Who came?? etc
Use it as a "Real Time entrance camera, to check who is at the door, even manually snap a photo or video of person.


# Economical & Effective alternative or addition to existing security:
You may already have a home security system, but remember,
Nobody takes notice of house alarms going off - they are just a source of annoyance to most people.
Criminals are in and out of your home in very quickly.
Alarms do NOT photograph the offender for identification and future prosecution.
Alarms are often not a deterrent, but a camera IS, especially when criminals are "casing" your property.

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